Graphene with WP e-commerce, shipping plugins and translation – things that work well

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    I use Graphene theme with WP ecommerce and builted a geat web page with a shop for my sisters handmade things.

    First I tried Woo commerce but it has some compatibility issues so I changed to WP ecommerce.

    I translated 99% of the page and the shopping cart with a very simple and confortable technique (for people like me that do not know programming). If are people interested I can make a tutorial for the graphene forum (is time to give back 🙂 )

    Now for the 1% problem that I have.

    I installed a little WP ecommerce related plugin named ”Fixed Rate” that allows you to use a simple 2 or 3 options shippment prices without involving the calculation of the distance and shipping companies. Just something like: “Pickup – $0, Overnight – $10, Same day – $20, etc.”

    The plugin did his job but some things remain unchanged and I was wondering if I can remove them with css:

    – at the brown arrow – can I make dissapear the box and the red button (calculate) by using css? There is no option for that in the settings.

    – at the purple arrow – I managed to translate all the page but I just cant find the string underlined with green anywhere. I can find and translate only the string undelined with blue ” – Choose a Shipping Rate”. The ”Fixed Rate” string I just can not find it. Can I translate it or make it disappear with css?


    Peter Alexander.



    Syahir Hakim


    Please provide the URL to the site so that we can take a look at the codes.





    Its the site linked to my profile page to:




    Syahir Hakim


    After testing, that field to enter the shipping destination and calculate the postage seem to be necessary even when you have a fixed rate for postage. Without adding a location and calculating the shipping rate, the fixed shipping rate isn’t even displayed and added to the totals.

    You might want to ask the plugin’s developer for the support on how to automatically apply the fixed rate without needing to enter the shipping destination.

    As for the translation, CSS cannot do it. You can use jQuery though.

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