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    Sad, I’ve used this theme for a long time. If I gotta do this I might as well move on to a more modern easier to maintain theme.

    thanks for all the fun till now…

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    There’s been a few updates sense I made this post. It no longer is a problem for me.

    Page templates that’s a different story and I can’t get any help….

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    I would the container on this page: ( which uses two column template)

    to have a different backgroudn than this page: (which uses one column template

    Thank you

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    Yes the page is named – “2nd_pages.php”

    And inside the file itself its called the same.

    * Template Name: 2nd pages

    It shows up under the page templates I can select.

    I have it selected as the page template but it does not show two colums.

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    Bump???? Help anyone???

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    What are the debugging methods for a child theme not loading it’s CSS?


    I just got a reply for someone on another forum. The issue as with this css code:

    .default_product_display .imagecol
    height: 100%;


    Change 100% to 10% problem solved.

    Still looking for a better solution that wp e-commerce if anyone has suggestions.


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    Or is there a way to make one page wider than all the others using CSS?

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    What I am trying to accomplish is a way to pull up the side bars outside the container. After thinking about this I’m pretty sure it’s not possible. Anyways I’d like to have a 3 column layout, but the left and right columns only display the sidebar content. The middle column will display the page content and the menu. The problem I am having setting this up is really with the menu. I need this page with sidebars to be 1400pixels wide. So if the browser window is not opened large enough, and or the screen resolution is less than 1400 the menu is no longer centered and sometimes runs off the page. The client is used to the 1400 size but wants the menu to be centered over the content.


    Is this what is referred to as “one of Graphene’s page templates”: template-threecolumnscenter.php ?

    I ask because this is why I originally asked how you edited this template. There just seems to be no correlation between how most tutorials show you to edit page templates and the way this page is laid out.

    Thank you!!!

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    I understand that part of it. I’m talking about constructing the actual page template and the elements involved. Normally all the help pages I’ve found say just add this code or that code anyway you like within normal html. Many of the codes mentioned do not even appear in Graphenes entire template anywhere. So is there any help anywhere on how to make a custom page template and us it with Graphene?


    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

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