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    I found this thread that I thought would help, but it didn’t: https://forum.graphene-theme.com/graphene-support/resizing-thumbnails-in-slider

    My slider is set to use the Featured Image, not a thumbnail. I entered the php code listed in that thread but it did not impact the images. Is there some php code I can enter into the child theme’s functions.php that would resize the image to a specific width but dynamic height (729px wide, height respective of the original image’s ratio)? Even a static size (729×410) may be acceptable.

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    I was thinking the same thing this morning, but hadn’t gotten around to testing it.

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    That wouldn’t accomplish what I had in mind. That would just move down everything already in the right column. Rather, I was thinking that where the slider currently is located, there would be the slider and the widget, with the right column unchanged.

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    Then have it set to enable or disable this feature at the request of the user. Under slider options have a checkbox that, if ticked, will disable the auto-resizing. Those who don’t want it won’t have it, those that do will.

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    On a related note, what’s the difference in action hooks between graphene_before_slider and graphene_before_slider_root?

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    The closest thing I found is using some sort of taxonomy plugin, but all I found (1) are highly complex, requiring coding beyond my abilities, and (2) require entering short code into the post, which doesn’t help when the user doesn’t understand short codes or is emailing in their post.

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    I’ve done tests and found that if an image is not specified as the “Featured image” when writing the post via the dashboard, then the slider shows a blank white space. This happens even if there is an image attached within the body of the post. This doesn’t help for those who may email in their post, hence skipping the dashboard and chance to put in the featured image.

    My goal was to be able to have the slider show the either:

    1. The featured image chosen via the dashboard when writing the post

    2. If #1 not done, then use an image included within the body

    3. If #2 none done, then use a specified default “catch-all” as the featured image.

    However, it seems that when using the slider with full-size image (i.e., the featured image slider), then the author must choose the featured image or else all you get is a blank white space. 🙁

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    I’ve been through more plugins than I care to count, but none really do the job. They’ll assign an image to a category, and they may even claim to be “featured images,” but when I test it, the images don’t show up in the slider (which uses the featured image).

    According to the lone response I got on WP’s forums (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/default-featured-images-for-post-categories), this would be something for the theme or a plugin. 🙁

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    There might be, I hadn’t looked, but I will though.

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    I tried that in the custom css, but it didn’t work. I then tried in the child theme’s CSS file, but that didn’t change anything. 🙁 I then tried this, to no avail:

    home .wp-pagenavi {
    display: none;

    (no period preceding “home”).

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