Action hooks for content beside slider?

  • jrothra


    I know you can use the three-column system, but that’s not really what I’m thinking design-wise. I was considering having a widget area to the left or right of the slider. The idea is putting something next to the slider showing the popular or trending posts. This would be only on the home page. I see all sorts of before and after hooks, but what about beside?


    Kenneth John Odle


    There isn’t one, but you could simulate this with a text widget at the top of your sidebar. Then you simply need to use the Widget Logic plugin to make sure that it only shows up on the front page, and some CSS to make it look noticeably different from your other widgets. You can target your css using the unique ID that WordPress gives everything.



    That wouldn’t accomplish what I had in mind. That would just move down everything already in the right column. Rather, I was thinking that where the slider currently is located, there would be the slider and the widget, with the right column unchanged.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Oh, I see now.

    It may be possible to shrink the width of the slider via custom css, and then use one of the before action hooks and float it to the right. I’ll see if that’s possible.



    I was thinking the same thing this morning, but hadn’t gotten around to testing it.

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