Slider to auto stretch or shrink image

  • jrothra


    It would be great if the slider could stretch or shrink an image automatically to 100% of the slider’s width. That way images wouldn’t look tiled or too small, and would, hopefully, look more professional.

    Right now the only option is to manually resize or crop the images to the desired size. 🙁


    Kenneth John Odle


    Unfortunately, this would often result in images being stretched either horizontally or vertically, since everybody’s web site is a different size.

    Imagine the hollering that would start up then. 😉



    Then have it set to enable or disable this feature at the request of the user. Under slider options have a checkbox that, if ticked, will disable the auto-resizing. Those who don’t want it won’t have it, those that do will.


    Kenneth John Odle



    But if the theme itself stretches or shrinks an image, then there is a possibility of ending up with white space at the bottom of the image, or of the bottom of the image being cropped.



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