Default featured image for post categories

  • jrothra


    How it works: select a default “featured image” for each specific category. If no featured image is selected for an individual post within that category, then the default category image is used, otherwise the post’s featured image is used.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Interesting idea. I take it there’s no plugin that accomplishes this?

    You might want to try suggesting this over at the WordPress forums as well:



    There might be, I hadn’t looked, but I will though.



    I’ve been through more plugins than I care to count, but none really do the job. They’ll assign an image to a category, and they may even claim to be “featured images,” but when I test it, the images don’t show up in the slider (which uses the featured image).

    According to the lone response I got on WP’s forums (, this would be something for the theme or a plugin. 🙁



    The closest thing I found is using some sort of taxonomy plugin, but all I found (1) are highly complex, requiring coding beyond my abilities, and (2) require entering short code into the post, which doesn’t help when the user doesn’t understand short codes or is emailing in their post.



    What an awesome idea! I’m looking for a way to have a default featured image, so that any post created without a featured image would fall back to a default image, but you idea would work as well. Hopefully the developer will figure out a way!

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