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  • Unfortunately, still no joy. Just one post in the archive at

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    Thank you! That was too easy to occur to me!

    You set a featured image from NextGen by clicking the Add Media button, choosing its Set Featured Image option, then click NextGEN Gallery at the bottom left of the left column. Locate your NextGEN image and click Use as Featured Image.

    Thanks for letting me know about the image size. That’s important!


    As an experiment just now, I tried using a featured image from the WP Media Gallery. (For the past three years, I have been using Graphene with the NextGen gallery and pulling all my featured images from NextGen.) The image does appear in the slider, but it is temperamental about the size: smaller images appear tiled or not at all (see slider #2).

    Which brings up two questions:

    1. Does Graphene no longer work with NextGen?

    2. What are the criteria for the size of the image that needs to be uploaded?

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    Meteor Slides are awesome and do everything I want them to do–including not conflicting with Graphene. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

    THANK YOU again–now we have a menu. And a slider, after I disabled Riva Slider. I’ll start a new topic for my slider woes.

    THANK YOU! Removing the footer.php from the child theme made the sidebars return.

    HOWEVER, I’m still missing my menu bar. Any idea how I can get that back?

    AND a new wrinkle….the featured posts slider isn’t working; it just stays locked on the first image.

    I updated from Graphene 1.6.2 (running on WP 3.4.1) to Graphene 1.8.3 (running on WP 3.5.1).

    My front page widget areas have both of these settings enabled: Enable alternate front page sidebar widget area and Enable alternate front page footer widget area. In the Widgets area, I have several widgets enabled for both the front page and the other page sidebars, but no widgets are showing up on any page. There is a blank space being held for the right sidebar; just none of the widgets are showing up.,

    My child theme has favicon.ico and style.css plus the following php files: atoztemplate, category, comments_false, footer-no-widgets, footer, functions, template-authorsByyear, template-twocolumnsleft-no-footer, I’ll be glad to send the functions.php and style.css (or any other files), if you tell me where to send them to.

    P.S. I finally thought to try activating the parent Graphene theme, and that does show the sidebar widgets. So I guess it’s something in my child theme that worked with Graphene 1.6.2 but doesn’t work with the new version of Graphene.

    I’m using the column mode for a right sidebar: in Graphene Theme Options > Column Options > Column Mode, it’s the first choice in the second row (wide gray main content area on left; narrow blue sidebar on right).

    BTW, if I switch to the left sidebar option, the front end of the site displays with a placeholder widget saying I haven’t put anything in that sidebar yet. Switching back to the desired right sidebar option, the sidebar is again blank.

    That did it! Thanks for your usual flawless support.


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