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  • jmek66


    Is there any way to reuse Graphene’s slideshow in a sidebar widget?

    Our nonprofit organization highlights some of our sponsors in a rotating ad space widget. We need to have the images for each sponsor rotate through…and we need to have the link on each image go to the sponsor’s website. This seems very similar to the functionality of the “featured posts” slider which rotates through the post with each post’s link going to the specific post (rather than popping up a larger version of the image).

    I had been using the Riva Pro Slider with Graphene, but when I updated to Graphene 1.8.3/WordPress 1.5.1, the two sliders conflicted and neither worked. Obviously I’m sticking with Graphene rather than with Riva. Can I re-use your slideshow? Or is there another slideshow plugin you recommend?



    Using multiple Graphene slider is not possible (not with different post in it).

    Try to find some plugins that uses featured post images and for each image set Custom Url when inserting into posts.


    Syahir Hakim


    Maybe try Meteor Slides?



    Meteor Slides are awesome and do everything I want them to do–including not conflicting with Graphene. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

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