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    Is there any chance for this feature / request?

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    Okay, I used this plugin “AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild” to resize the images.

    This was my solution! Searched here in the forum…

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    I found the mistake. In the folder “wp-content/languages/themes” there were the 2 files “graphene-de_DE.mo” and “graphene-de_DE.po”.

    Maybe the files were from graphene version 1?!?

    I took the new original files “de_DE.mo” & “de_DE.po” from the directory “graphene/languages” and called them “graphene-de_DE.mo” & “graphene-de_DE.po” as well and overwrote them in the directory “wp-content/languages/themes”

    Now graphene 2.x is in German!!! The website will be translated and the settings in the backend!

    Maybe, this is the solutation for you “kak”???

    Let me know…

    Greetings Jhule

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    Hm…yes I have changed the site’s language in “WP Admin > Settings > General” to Deutsch!

    What do I wrong? I use a child theme with the function.php above.

    Any idea?

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    Yes I will! Thank u! Maybe I am to stupid 🙁 to translate the Files.

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    Dear Syahir Hakim,
    please support in the future the sub-sub menu in the mobil Version. Other themes support that future. Do you implement this feature in next versions? That will be really really great!

    Thank you

    You do a great job with the theme – and it’s free.

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    When I watch my theme on mobil device I can’t go back to the main website, when I tab to the header image. So there is no way, to go back to my blog…

    IT’s ONLY ON MY MOBIL DEVICE not on my PC. Strange…

    Can u fix that?


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    Hi here is my answer:
    This version is better! I deleted the css Code and the header image is now responsible with no white space. The contributing picture is working now. I have no white space now!

    I tried it on opera, firefox, Edge…

    Greetings Jhule


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    Thanks for your fast reply.
    I used Poedit and translated “Filed under %2$s” to “Veröffentlicht unter %2$s” to german. I saved the .po and .mo file. Then I uploaded to the server and overwrote the 2 files. I overwrote the Child Page (Child/languages) and the original theme page (graphen/languages). But There is still the text in english.

    Any idea?


    I used this Code in the function.php file in my child theme folder:
    add_action( ‘after_setup_theme’, ‘my_child_theme_setup’ );
    function my_child_theme_setup() {
    load_child_theme_textdomain( ‘graphene2.0’, get_stylesheet_directory() . ‘/languages’ );

    function graphene_get_default_headers(){

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    When I use contributing picture –> I have also the problem with the white space 🙁
    So I can’t use contributing picture at the moment…

    Greetings Jhule

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