dropdown-submenu does not open

  • skuriles



    I’ve just updated to latest version but the following problem occured:

    Sub-Sub Menus can’t be opened!!

    You can see it on your own demo side.

    Try to navigate to the 3rd level sub menu of your demo page:

    I’ve disabled all plugins on my website but didn’t help.

    Maybe you can have a look. Somehow the submenu dropdown doesn’t get the “open” class AND the submenu on third level doe not open because display:none is overriding the “open” class tag if I add it manually in Chrome dev tools…


    Syahir Hakim


    In mobile view, the menus is limited to two levels only due to space limitation. In future versions we’ll try to work something out for this.



    But this problem is not restricted to mobile view…
    It also occurs on normal desktop version


    Syahir Hakim


    Seems to work fine from my end:



    Try it in latest chrome 🙂
    Seems that this is the problem.
    Just checked it with chrome, firefox and edge -> latter two are fine, chrome is broken somehow


    Syahir Hakim


    Still OK, using latest version of Chrome. Maybe you have Javascript disabled in Chrome? Try to disable all extensions as well, just to check.



    I’ve checked Chrome: V62 -> does not work
    I’ve also installed Chromium V62 -> does not work
    Updated Chromium to V64 -> does not work
    JS is enabled in both. Chrome has only one extension, but Chromium is a clean install.

    I have tried to debug the uglified JS files

      s.hover(function(e) {
                    return s.hasClass("open") || d.is(e.target) ? void r(e) : !0

    This line is never called on my side in chrome if I hover over an menu item. In edge it works
    It is located in bootstrap-hover-dropdown.mins.js

    As I was really confused I checked it on another PC with Chrome -> works…
    This is really strange. Have to check if anything is preventing my system from work.
    Sorry for bothering your time



    Ok… found the problem!!

    In chrome://flags/ you can set the “Touch Events API Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS” on automatic/enabled/disabled.
    As I’m using a touchscreen monitor as second one it looks like Chrome has activated this setting.
    So the hover effects were disabled by the bootstrap hover plugin.
    For test I’ve disabled this setting and all went fine.

    Thanks and I hope that “mobile view” will support more than two levels in future!!!



    Dear Syahir Hakim,
    please support in the future the sub-sub menu in the mobil Version. Other themes support that future. Do you implement this feature in next versions? That will be really really great!

    Thank you

    You do a great job with the theme – and it’s free.



    Any update on this?

    If you use the customizer preview for mobile phones the submenu ist displaying fine on mouse over. There is no problem with the space limitation.

    Isn’t it possible to replace the “hover” with “active” or some, to get that working on mobile as well?

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