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    Yes, I see it!

    It’s is strange ! I thing also that the content plays a role too!

    If there is a content similar to your website you will be competed by similar content (especially if they are older on the web) but if your content is unique you will get better results.

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    Note to moderators, please if you judge my post as a negative for Graphene, I’d encourage you to remove it.

    Or at least, please modify the title from “Problem with SEO in Graphene” to just “Problem with SEO”. or something else you want…

    This will be more general and reflects better the issue, not limit it to Graphene.

    I don’t want to hurt Syahir or his theme.

    It was just a remark. The problem may come from my wrong customizations or bad choice of the SEO setting I chose.

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    Ah sorry, I didn’t offense Syahir nor Graphene theme. I apologize for that.

    I’m just looking to identify the issue. I said that I like the theme and I want to keep it for my site.

    My question may help improving it, if there is any problem.

    The issue may also come from my website or google. Google is not always right! Google is not perfect!

    It may make errors.

    This is why I’m asking to precise the problem.

    This is absolutely not against Graphene or Syahir.

    Graphene is a very nice and professional theme. I just would like to know why the source of my problem to fix it. That’s all.


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    Thanks Prasanna, yes about Copyright text.

    Sorry for the bad choice of forum.


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    Just come back to the footer widgets, above the footer.

    Is there a way to display them only in the main, or front, page, but not with internal page links?


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    Thank you for you all.


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    Our site is having trouble with the menu.

    Thanks in advance for helping us solving this problem.

    May I ask how did you add the callouts in th bottom of your page: “RSS feed, links, ..colofon” ?

    Which option we need to get such callouts?


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    I think I got it but it still a strange issue:

    It seems that only posts, not pages, that will be linked to the archive from the category!

    If pages are used as drop-down list, they will not appear when click on the category menu! They are only accessible from the drop-down list!

    For posts, on the other hand, they are listed as linked archive, when click on the category menu.

    The new question now is, how to get pages listed as links in the page of a given category?


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    Hi Kenneth and thanks for your answer.


    I don’t suppose you have a live site where you can show this happening?


    Yeah, I hope soon. You can’t imagine how it is frustrating for me!

    Your blog is a good example indeed. I’d like to have something similar.

    In your menu you have drop-down menus: Art, Computers…etc. and each has own links (ART: 2D, 3D, photography..). Whatever I click on ART menu directly or in the drop-down link, I’ll get access to 2D, 3D, photography links or pages! This is what I’m looking to do too! So how to do it?

    I’d like to make links available from menu and links in the menu, exactly as you did.

    So, what is the option for that?

    Actually, I had some troubles in my menu! it is weird!


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    Thanks Kenneth.

    They are already added to the category but appear as drop-down list!

    As I mentioned above, when I click on the category title, a new empty page, with only the category title, opens without links to the posts inside within that category.

    The page contains only the category title with arrow >>!

    It would be much more professional to get posts listed in the category page, not only as a drop-list from the menu bar. But it is not possible with Graphene, seemingly !

    Any other idea?

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