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    OK, thank you very much.

    So, I just copy the CSS content from the parent to the child theme and customize the child CSS file, right?

    And just to be sure, could we make the child theme at any moment? I mean, after having made many customization or it should be made immediately after installation?

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    Make sure that you have also uploaded the translation file for WordPress itself.

    Thanks, Syahir.

    Yes, you are right! I thought it limited only on the theme .po.

    I found it but there is still a minor issue about the comma and its location! But it is not so big issue!

    Anyway, thank you very much for your help.

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    Thanks, Syahir.

    It seemed worked, the date is modified in the .mo and I’ve noticed the changes have been applied, despite the error message!

    It is cool but I hope this won’t make other problems, later!

    On other hand, I still don’t find the month names and format!

    Is this a server PHP issue or it could be fixed at the theme level? How to fix it?

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    Back again because I had error message with Poedit.

    I tried to follow the instruction given in the link. There are new and obsolettes strings and when I tried to translate some of them and click on save or update catalog, I have the following error message:

    msgfmt: found 1 fatal error!

    Updating the catalogo failed. Click on ‘More>>’

    for details.

    No files found in:

    Poedit didn’t find any files in scanned directories

    Entries in the catalog are probably incorrect

    Updating the catalog failed. Click on ‘More>>’ for details.

    What is going wrong? The file exists, though, I opened it as (ar.po) but it can’t be updated when I make changes and click on “save”!

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    Thank you Syahir for your answer.

    Yes, you are right the best way for the slider is to use a bigger image. Or, a thumbnail one, but this reduce the “charm” of the slide !

    I’ll see for the translation. If I get it correctly without errors, I’ll send it to you or post my improvements and completion on the forum.

    By the way, does Graphene support ads banner or sponsorship notification?


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    Sorry, I found it in the Top Bar options: Hide the top bar!


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    I just forgot to add that the image in the slider is duplicated! Is there a way to make it only one instance inside the slider?

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    Thank you very much, Prasanna!

    Yeah, Graphene is indeed highly customizable, which makes it a great theme. This is highly appreciable to avoid upgrade issue.

    I’ll try what you provided.

    I still have some minor issues related to translation version. In fact, I’m trying an arabic version of WP and it was nice that Graphene supports it!

    However, there are some terms that are not fully translated or partially translated. For example the month names are not fully translated, they are only transcribed in arabic letters, not translated!

    I so would like to translate them correctly.

    I checked out the (ar.po) file but the modifications I made were not applied in the theme! I may approaching it from the wrong side!

    – Also, in the main page, the “send a comment” is wrongly translated to “send the comment”, which is absolutely misleading! In addition, there is a comma down, rather than a comma up!

    I wish I had found relevant included in Graphene options but I still searching without success!

    So which is simplest way to make these changes? Can I customize them in PHP files without compromising any future update?



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