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    I looked at the previous thread (now closed) on this subject.


    As recommended, I did the following: WP Admin > Settings > Permalink and resaved the settings there.

    You also recommended

    Check also your .htaccess file for redirect rules, since the server returns the “301 Permanent Redirect” response code when trying to access the URL that switches to desktop theme.

    WordPress is installed in a subdirectory so I have an .htaccess in the top level directory.

    It contains a redirect for a subsite running pmwiki which shouldn’t affect the mobile redirect.

    There was also an .htaccess file in the subdirectory where WordPress is installed, but its only contents related to W3TC which I had uninstalled. So I have deleted that .htaccess.

    Do you have any other ideas why “Switch to Desktop Version” isn’t working?

    The URL is compton.parish.hants.gov.uk/?mobile_switch=desktop

    I can try disabling my plugins one by one but it’s a long task.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Adrianw,

    You are correct, there seems to be an issue with this feature. I’ll investigate further and let you know how it goes.



    I will add myself to this one too as reporting it does not seem to work, but just reloads the mobile page. I have disabled all the plugins to see if they were the cause of the problem, but to no avail – in fact, I have gone to a local test environment for my mobile site build.

    many thanks for looking into things.




    I had a look at the apache log and it’s returning 302 (temporary redirect) not 301.

    There is a lot of data in the log but if it will help I can provide it.



    There seems to be a more general problem.

    If on the iPhone I tap lightly in the link to a post (continue reading) for example, I am taken to the home page.

    If I do a long press, a dialogue pops up offering me the choice to open the link or open in a new window.

    In this case it will take me to the correct post.

    I also find the following

    When using infinite scrolling and the click to load more option,

    If I click to load more excerpts it actually loads another copy of the same first 10 excerpts.


    Syahir Hakim


    Adrianw, please create new topics for the two unrelated questions. We’ll address them separately.



    OK I’ll open new topics, although I think they may be related.



    I purchased the pro version of mobile smart to use with the mobile theme.

    I have no clue on these things but when used with the mobile theme, there does seem to be some serious problems and they do all occur or seem to occur on the switch to desktop function in whatever form you apply them – on desktop, on footer – it is as if everything gets caught in a loop with my major problem being my front-page sidebar not wanting to appear on my desktop site after turning the switch to desktop on and off in the smart pro (I do use custom sidebars) .

    From the cheap seats, I would suggest not using that function whatsoever at the moment as something is definitely awry and it can cause site wide problems….

    For me, rectifying those problems means un-installing the plug-in and re-installing, but I hope I am not out of line in sending out a caveat.

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