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  • danbailan


    Am I right in thinking that you cannot have homepage panes if you do not have a slider on a static frontpage?

    I have tried disabling the slider and leaving the homepages enabled in graphene options but lose one, the other goes too?

    Many thanks for your help.



    Homepage panes are displayed when you have a Static FrontPage. It has nothing to do with slider.



    Well that is weird then because if I disable my slider, as sure as eggs are eggs, the homepage panes disappear.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Link to site?



    Sorry, offline for a while.

    I am using the slider and homepage panes on a static frontpage at the moment but playing around with the design, so wnatde the optiosn fo turning one or the other one and off. It is not possible, it seems, but I am probably missing something.

    I am using a graphene before content action hook on the frontpage too. Do you think this would affect things?

    I have turned off the coming soon on the site for now, so you could look.

    Many thanks.

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