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    much appreciated Kenneth, will check them out

    kind regards

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    and the reason i ask about cross browser support, is it looks great in firefox but put 2 tone solid blue background in for IE9

    where would i look to resolve cross browser issues such as this?

    many thanks

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    thanks Prasanna, that worked a treat

    link to my site is

    Just as an afterthought, are there any good reference sites which explain the different cross browser support for CSS?


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    many thanks for your help and it is good to know about this

    but in this instance i’ve gone for the lazy approach and installed WP Display Header plugin,

    seems to do everything i want to achieve for now

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    have installed child theme now and I managed to find the following in another thread

    <?php  /* Only add this line if you're working on an empty functions.php file */
    * Manually set different header image for individual pages
    function graphene_custom_header_image( $img_url ){
    /* Replace page-slug with the actual page slug */
    if ( is_page( 'page-slug' ) ) return '';

    return $img_url;
    add_filter( 'graphene_header_image', 'graphene_custom_header_image' );

    however have not seen anything different to enable me to manually set headers

    any help would be welcome

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    Many thanks Syahir

    I’m currently in the process of setting up a child theme to avoid my current changes from being overwritten, so will probably go via this route,

    unless there is a plugin you can recommend?

    How easy is it to manually set the header image?

    Apologies if I am a bit vague at times, has been 10 or so years since i worked with html and css, just starting to find my feet again


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    also on the original theme of this topic of Slider image weirdness

    on the front page of the site, the top default slider only displays post images (one that have one), if it is set up to use “featured image.”

    if i change this for example to be “first image in post” then things get peculiar.

    an example being Thomas Sheridan, who is appearing at several venues. There is a post for each and each post uses te same image, information and configuration, but setting the slider to use “first image in post” causes the image to disappear for Leicester and Hull, but stay for Birmingham.

    have probably overlooked something really fundamental, but struggling to find a solution

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    Hi Kenneth

    sort of related area as it is to do with displaying posts

    the page below is an example

    whereby the header image from the post is displayed in each of the post summaries rather than the picture from the post itself

    for example the top post summary “TruthJuice Gathering 2013 – Santos Bonacci” should display the image from “; and not the header image from this post.

    really struggling to get my head around this for some reason

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    Hi, i’m still having some issues with my site regarding header images.

    an example of this is the Tag Archive page (which populates the post image with the header image)

    any guidance would be very welcome

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    Just to expand on what i’m attempting to do

    I am trying to create an alphabetical listing page for website links and banners

    I am using one column no sidebar template

    So far I have found a plugin called easy column, which allows me to split the area up as i need (have decided to go with 2 columns instead of 4)

    What i would like to do is for each letter is use a text widget e.t.c to hold all the links/banners beginning with that letter

    The reason i want to use a widget to hold these is to maintain the graphene theme

    is there any way to achive this?

    and just as a second thought, is there any way to add an icon into the header of a widget?


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