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  • craigh


    Hi, i have most of my site working how i want, but have come across a peculiarity with the front page slider.

    The slider is setup to pull in posts from a particular category, however for some of the posts it does not display the included image and the only way around this is to set the slider image (at a global level) to be featured image, then for each of the individual posts add the picture as a featured image.

    Any ideas on what i have done to cause this?




    Link to your site?



    Here you go Prasanna


    Syahir Hakim


    Which slider post exactly that is not displaying the included image?



    Hi, it is the top one, which is the Graphene default slider, currently have got the setting to be featured image, then for each of the individual posts add the picture as a featured image. Only way I could ensure the pictures were displayed



    Hi, any ideas on this?

    I did have a play around with image sizes and for the one I reduced the image size on it seemed to display ok when I removed it from feaured images

    Is there a size limit restriction with the images that can be displayed within the slider?



    Syahir Hakim


    If you want to use the “First image in post” option, the image will have to be uploaded for the post, and not merely selected from the gallery.



    Hi, i’m still having some issues with my site regarding header images.

    an example of this is the Tag Archive page (which populates the post image with the header image)

    any guidance would be very welcome


    Kenneth John Odle


    @craigh: please feel free to start a new thread for this, as this is a completely different issue.

    Also, please explain what you mean by “some issues”. What is that you want and what is that you are actually getting?



    Hi Kenneth

    sort of related area as it is to do with displaying posts

    the page below is an example

    whereby the header image from the post is displayed in each of the post summaries rather than the picture from the post itself

    for example the top post summary “TruthJuice Gathering 2013 – Santos Bonacci” should display the image from “” and not the header image from this post.

    really struggling to get my head around this for some reason

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