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    I’m marking this as resolved.

    I too, had this issue from using a modified version of the footer.php. This was before I began learning the internal structure of wordpress and graphene coding, and found there are MUCH better ways to make these adjustments.

    As Syahir says above,

    It’s not recommended to replace any of the theme’s template files in the child theme precisely for this reason.

    After removing my custom footer.php file from my child theme, widgets were restored.




    May I ask what the “MUCH better way” is to do such adjustments?



    I’ll second vasvaria’s question. What is a better way to make the changes than to add the altered files to the child theme?


    Syahir Hakim


    You can use the Action Hooks Widget Area function to add content to virtually any place in the theme. See Josh’s video tutorial on this.




    The issue of the footer may be resolved, but the widgets (the original problem I reported here) is not. Are there any more thoughts on why the primary widget area widgets don’t work?




    @ vasvaria, @kenmcneill

    Watch the video on the link Syahir provided. I recently switched video players, so if you checked and didn’t see a video.. it’s there now.

    Once you have watched that, please post back with your specific questions.

    @ merryb

    I just checked your site and your widgets appear normal to me. What exactly is the problem you are having?



    Maybe I’m not understanding what the two widget areas are for. I thought the first one was for the static front page (I had thought I’d set the options to have a different widget bar for that page, as opposed to the other pages on my site), and the second area was for the widgets on all the rest of the pages. Am I wrong?

    And while I’m asking questions — I thought I had set the options so that I could replace the header on different pages with a “featured image”, but it doesn’t work. Do you know how I do that? Thanks so much!!



    Oh, one more thing — I just watched your video and it was great! Really useful. I’m now thinking of how I might put it to use in my website. 🙂 Thanks!



    No. The two widget areas are for a right sidebar widget area and a left sidebar widget area.

    “Sidebar Widget Area” is always on the right.

    “Sidebar Two Widget Area” is always on the left.

    If you want to display different widgets on different pages, you will need a plugin like “Widget Logic”.


    Regarding the featured image, make sure you have an image set as featured to the page you want to use. Then, go to appearance -> graphene options -> “display” tab -> header options. Make sure “Disable featured image replacing header image” is NOT checked.



    Thanks, Josh. I do have the “Disable featured image” Not checked and I’ve set the image I want as the header as the featured image and it ignores my wishes. I’ll try it again, but you know what they say about people who keep trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. 🙂

    Thanks for the link regarding widgets. Is it possible to have two side bars on the front page and only one on other pages, or do you have to have the same number of every page. I noticed there’s only one place to say how you want the side bars organized.

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