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  • merryb


    Hi, I love this theme, but since I installed it (and even if I uninstall it) none of my widgets are working. I only get two that I don’t want. When I change them, nothing happens. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!



    me too. i have updatet from 1.62 to 1.7…..and then…..no widget works. tested various setting, but no results. and custom social media buttons..before all ok…and now not to see in frontend but in backend yes…

    ….every settings from child override….

    what can we do?



    I have the same problem – I upgraded from 1.62 to 1.7 and I have used the Alternate Widgets option of “Enable alternate front page sidebar widget area”, however there is absolutely nothing showing up in my right sidebar – the area is completely blank – BUT I found when I did add widgets to the “Front Page Sidebar Widget area” – the widgets now show up in my “Front Page Footer Widget Area” ON TOP of the widgets I added to the footer area – something a bit off here..?


    Syahir Hakim


    @enceladus, please describe specifically how the widgets do not work.

    @sher4, are you using child theme?

    @merryb, which version of Graphene theme are you using?

    To all, please provide the URL to your sites. It’s difficult to figure things out without actually looking at the sites. For example, I could have worked out the answers to my questions for merryb and sher4 had you provided the URLs to your sites.



    Sorry Syahir, I know I sound stupid but I don’t really understand “child theme” – I’m just using the theme as is and the sidebar worked ok until I upgraded to 1.7 and unfortunately I do not have a URL as I am testing on a Local Server.


    Syahir Hakim


    OK, try resetting the theme’s options in the database. In the Graphene Options page, on the right hand side there’s an option box called “Options Presets”. Select “Reset to default settings” and click Apply Options Preset.

    Note though this would reset all your Graphene settings. So you might want to export the theme options first.



    Many thanks – resetting to default has fixed the issue for me



    Ok, I’ve upgraded to 1.7. Now the “sidebar two widget area” widgets are showing up on all of my pages and the “sidebar widgets” are not showing up anywhere”. Is that something wrong with my settings/options? My url is http://www.meredithbond.com.

    Thank you!!



    @Syahir Hakim

    “….please describe specifically how the widgets do not work…..”


    I’m using Childtheme from since the beginning of the site.

    In Admin-Backend >Design>Widget i can see my placed Widgets

    widget-sidebar one

    widget-sidebar second

    but on the site, there is nothing to see of them, its blank.

    i have checked yesterday one-column, two-colum and three colum (sidebar-widget one on right, sidebar-widget second on left content middle, nothing change.

    in left corner of the site is a text now “Subscribe to RSS feed”. but i haved change in childtheme befor upgradet, with my own settings and images. since upgrade it was to see the in settings in admin-backend, with images and text, but not on site.

    it all has worked very well in some updates till 1.62 with using childtheme, but since yesterday upgradet to 1.7 it is problem.

    the site:




    I am having the same problem also using a childtheme. Besides that next and previous page links formatting is also gone with 1.7. Seems that #next-post has changed to .next-post in the css file.

    Reverted back to 1.6.2 and all is working fine again.

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