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    Syahir Hakim


    @merryb, do you mean that when you switch to two-column sidebar on the right configuration, the widgets are not being displayed?



    No. The widgets were never displayed until I added them to the secondary widget area and now only the secondary widgets are displayed — and I’ve got them on the left. Does that make a difference?



    i’ve tried “Reset to default settings” but that hasn’t solved the problem.

    the three columns setting has no effekt. content is on leftside, rightside is blank

    here is the originalcode of options, since 1.62, because after the upgrade to 1.7



    Syahir Hakim


    @enceladus, try removing the footer.php file from your child theme.



    Hi Syahir,

    I have the same problem since i updated theme to 1.7, i just removed footer.php from my child theme and now widgets are displayed correctly. But I wish I could put my old footer.php.

    Here is my theme options http://pastebin.com/hUnMmjKp

    Thank you.



    okay, i have removed footer and widget’s are back, thanks.

    but the three colum setting without effekt, it does nothing.

    what’s wrong with the child-footer? maybe i wish i could put my old footer too 🙂

    something of child-theme css-color was overwritten with upgrade? could it be?

    though i using child-theme??



    The previous footer had two-col-left etc in the code. The new one uses two_col_left for example. I changed the child footer to reflect those changes and now it works again.


    Syahir Hakim


    @pelico, @enceladus, @Gendji,

    It’s not recommended to replace any of the theme’s template files in the child theme precisely for this reason. You can read more about this here:




    The reason was the footer.php for me, too. Thanks for all your efforts, Syahir!



    Ok, well done, uff 😉

    : Thx for the Information about Footer. I do so too and it’s allright 😉


    about: “social buttons” and

    “colum setting without effekt, it does nothing” and

    “in left corner of the site is a text now Subscribe to RSS feed”

    I have removed “header.php” from child-theme and all this are now works.

    Only one Point is changed through upgrade:

    The “previos” and “next” link in top of post has changed link colour to “default” e.g. “grey”. Before that I’d setting to “blue”.


    I have fount the solution: you go to “options>own css-style and copy and paste here the code from theme

    -from (use firebug + nodepad++)

    row 1461

    to 1471

    under the point “next-post-colour” in row 1467 you can set wich colour you want

    it works.

    But i don’t now why the upgrade overwrites the style.css from child-theme!?

    Thanks at all for response and help so far

    and specially thanks to Syahir Hakim

    for the wonderful theme and support!

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