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    is there an easy way or a sitting I can use to have my site display the home page text for exaple when I post it on Facebook, right now when I post it, it keep displaying the last post.

    It may possible if you use static front page. But Facebook is totally blind in recognizing the post content/description. Look at this image, the description is not even close to the actual article.

    It all depends on which SEO plugin you are using on your site..



    Hey Prasanna – I am using SEOPressor and was in the process of trying to find out how to create a static page just before you posted this.

    This works fine for post currently, its only when I post my direct url/home page link that it picks up the last post insted of the text and pic I want it to pickup.



    This may help you – How to enable Homepage Panes in Graphene Theme with Static Frontpage

    You’ve to create another blank page to display the recent posts somewhere else, just like the existing homepage. In the 3rd step, use that page as “Posts Page”



    Its somewhat working, but I turned it off, bacause there is a huge space on the top and then on the bottom where to post are it turns the post into a 2-Layout post side by side.




    You can have,

    1. No homepage panes,


    2. Increase the number of posts in homepage pane to fill the blank pace at the bottom,


    3. use alternate frontpage widgets


    4. Full width frontpage with no sidebars.

    etc.., if you don’t want your site to be look like a blog, then static frontpage is a better solution.

    (It’s going off the actual topic. Please start with a new thread)



    @Prasanna – Yes your right, we need to start a new tread for this, thanks for the info thought. I like the blog layout, its just I dotn want that be the proview in fb. Anyway, This one is not a major problem, so I can live with it for a bit since I am playing catch up at the moment!

    By the way, where do I mark this as “resolved” or does a forum admin like Josh have to do that?



    Look at the top of this thread for “This topic is —” and select “resolved”. Hit “Update Status” button!



    You started the thread in “General Talk”, so you can neither mark it as “Resolved” nor “not resolved”.. It’s only applicable in “Support” section.. 🙂



    Bro you up early today man loll…. Thank you for that info, I look forward to contuine connecting!



    Hey Guys – Thank you for all your help! Just sent in a small token of my appreciation! Thanks again!


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