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    Hey Guys – Wanted to get some feedback from everyone here, has anyone updated to the new version of WordPress 3.3 and did you have any issues?

    At this point I have alot of content on my site and I dont want it to crash, one of my friends who is using another theme did the update and his website crached, so I wanted to check in with everyone here to see if its a safe and smooth update for our theme.

    Thank You all,




    I updated almost 6 of my Graphene sites to WP 3.3 and didn’t face any problems while updating or post update process. Everything goes smooth..

    About WP 3.3, it’s simply awesome. A lot of new features like Drag and Drop media files, flyout menus etc.. My suggestion is, just update your site. At least for the sake of security..



    Take a backup of your site before updating WP. Database, WP directory,.. everything..


    Kenneth John Odle


    Did you read this? https://forum.graphene-theme.com/graphene-support/wordpress-33

    I agree with Prasanna – WP 3.3 has some great features I didn’t know I needed or wanted until now. And it runs smoothly.

    I don’t know why your friend’s site crashed. Could be a plugin conflict, could be a hosting issue (see this, for example), could be a PICNIC error (BT/DT). Who knows? Your best bet is to do the one thing that everyone should be doing but nobody ever actually does: backup. You can read how to back up WP here: http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Backups and then sleep easier at night.



    Hey thanks guys for all the good info and feed back!

    Now should I disable all my plugins before I update? this is my very first time updating wordpress.

    @Kenneth – No I did not see that, but thank you SO MUCH for pointing me in the right direction and all the info. Currently I am using WP-Backup but I am going to read that WP-Backup link you posted in DETAIL before I update.

    Thanks Again Guys!




    The way I prefer to update WP,

    1. Take a backup of your database and files from server side.

    2. Put your site on maintenance mode.

    3. Disable all plugins.

    4. Switch to a default theme like Twenty eleven or Twenty ten.

    5. Update WordPress.

    6. Restore your custom theme.

    7. Activate plugins one by one.

    8. If everything is working fine, take off your site from maintenance mode.



    Wow.. @Prasanna that EXTREME, But It does sound very safe. I do have a few questions.

    When you say Take a backup of your database and files from server side, do you mean from my host provider?

    And I will look up how to do this> maintenance mode but does this save all your theme/site settings?

    Again, good info thank you all!



    Syahir Hakim


    You can facilitate the process using plugins.

    Putting the site on maintenance mode:


    Taking a backup of both database and files:




    Wow… Now we talking, THANK YOU Syahir! I feel alot more confident about the update now.



    Okay guys thank you ALL for all the info! I did the update and everything went smooth fro the most part!

    I did however find one minor problem after the update, when I hover over the tabs/pages at the top of my site, these weird code show up, and I dont know where and how to change that. Now I did try this is three different browsers just to make sure it was not an IE problem only.

    Please take a look at the site: http://workwithmarkchoo.com so you can see exactly what I am talking about. Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank again guys!

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