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    That information is called the “title”. You are using a cusotm menu, right? Then see this thread: https://forum.graphene-theme.com/graphene-support/how-to-add-hover-text-to-secondary-menu

    If you are not using a custom menu, then that is just weird. We’ll need to dig a little more.



    Hey Ken,

    I did have a custom menu which I dont need by the way, so I deleted it bacause it did not include any of the pages thats having the “title” problem. Did not work, then I created a menu with those pages and added the “Title Attribute” info to each page, but still nothing, any other ideas?

    Thank you!




    How did you add the title attribute to each menu item?



    Josh – I just added the text for example “Lead Generation” do I need to add some kind of code with that?

    I notice on the link you sent earlier: https://forum.graphene-theme.com/graphene-support/how-to-add-hover-text-to-secondary-menu you mentioned “Don’t forget: code between backticks, please.” but I dont know what this is, is this the part I am missing.

    Thanks again!




    Put code between backticks only in this forum. It prevents browser from parsing the code.

    I’m asking the same question as Josh did, How did you add the title attribute to each menu item? Did you just type them in the title attribute field or copy paste from any rich text editor??



    Just to make sure I am in the right place. I go to Appearance> Menus> and then I pretty much “Copy” whats in the “Navigation Label” and Paste it to the “Title Attribute” then if I need to I edit it.

    Hopefully I am answering the question correctly?

    Thank You,




    Okay. You’re doing it right. Do me a favor, please list all of the active plugins you are using here for us to compare. I have started a list to see if I can isolate any consistencies.



    Okay cool. Below is my list of active plugins, let me know if you need the un-active ones as well?

    All in One SEO Pack


    Bad Behavior

    Broken Link Checker

    cbnet Ping Optimizer

    Display widgets

    Exclude From Search

    Exclude Pages from Navigation

    Facebook Comments for WordPress

    FAQ You

    Fast Secure Contact Form

    FV WordPress Flowplayer

    Google Friend Connect Plugin

    Google XML Sitemaps

    Jetpack by WordPress.com


    LJ Longtail SEO


    SEO Auto Linker

    SEO Friendly Images

    SEOPressor V4

    SEO Slugs

    SexyBookmarks (by Shareaholic)

    SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam

    TheThe Image Slider

    WP Super Cache

    Thank You,




    Disable this plugin – Exclude Pages from Navigation

    Instead you can use custom menus..



    @Prasanna – Just tried that, and it did not fix the problem.


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