How to modify the theme using a child theme

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    Thank you for this information it is very helpful so far.

    Let me start by stating I am no coder. I can follow direction (for the most part) but have no clue as to what to look for or change to accomplish my desired end.


    I want to narrow the black side portions evenly and widen the gray part behind the columns.

    Then increase the post area as well as the marquee and comment area evenly.

    When doing this will I need to center the header graphic or anything for the header at all?

    I think this is all I need at this time.

    Thank you,

    Eric Hendrix



    Hi there. First, I’m a writer, not a designer or programmer. Just have to clarify that from the start. 😉 This is the first website I’ve designed and Graphene is the chosen theme to give my business site a clean look. I’d like each tab to be searchable. Therefore, I have given each one a certain name and a file in the directory. I copied a style sheet into each child’s folder on my server. Now what? Where exactly do I activate the folders or see them, so that I can modify according to the specs you gave above and get my menu tabs to work? Thank you for your help.


    Syahir Hakim


    You don’t need to create any folder or file to add links to the navigation menu. Just use the WordPress built-in Custom Menu function, accessible via Appearance > Menus in the admin panel. All pages and posts are searchable by the WordPress built-in search function, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    TBH, I don’t really get what you’re trying to achieve so if you could clarify it a bit further that would help.

    Marvelous Mommy


    I am very confused with the whole childs theme thing. I created the files – styles.css / functions.php / header.php

    I added my adjustments and it didn’t work. After I activated it, it really messed things up.

    Right here where it says

    @import url(“../graphene/style.css”);

    I need to change each of those to…

    @import url(“../graphene/functions.php”);

    @import url(“../graphene/header.php”);


    Also when I am removing something and adding something else in (like removing the RSS Image Icon and replacing it with a custom one). Do I need to remove the code from the original header.php file and then make my adjustments in the child’s theme or will the child’s theme override it automatically??


    Syahir Hakim


    Noo…you don’t need to add these codes:

    @import url("../graphene/functions.php");
    @import url("../graphene/header.php");

    When you’re using the child theme, WordPress will automatically check for the existence of other template files in the child theme folder (e.g. functions.php, header.php, etc.) and if those are present, WordPress will use those instead of the theme’s original.

    No need to remove the code from the original files.



    Syahir…thanks again for creating this.

    I am a n00b at all of this but I am attempting to apply the child to my wordpress to remove the RSS feed button.

    WordPress is giving me this error:

    Broken Themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

    Name Description

    Graphene Child The parent theme is missing. Please install the “graphene” parent theme.

    My CSS looks like this:


    Theme Name: Graphene Child

    Theme URI: http: //

    Description: Child theme for the Graphene theme

    Author: Your name here

    Author URI: http: //

    Template: graphene

    Version: 0.1.0


    @import url(“../graphene/style.css”);

    /* #rss a {


    } */

    Are you familiar what is causing this issue?



    I just received this particular error …. In my case I had used an extension on the style.css name something like Graphene Style.css ….. I had to change the name to just style.css ….. Hope that helps …. also you have the programming changes you are trying to make commented out ….. take away the /* and the */ before and after the #rss and }, respectively …..

    Hello Syahir …. thanks for an awesome theme …. will be donating soon (as I make some money) …..

    I made the changes to the folder and created my style file ….. however when I activated the theme I lose the parent theme and the other info that was on the template page under styles …… so it seems obvious what the problem is however I can’t figure what I did wrong ….. (if the child theme is supposed to have the exact information that the parent does on the template page that is)

    my site is ….. I am trying to modify this test site using your theme so it looks like the site I have now at ……

    that is change the whole theme to a black background …… I only one have one issue that I couldn’t fix in the style sheet using a css editor and that was the right sidebar and the two bars below the navigation bar remain grey

    Can U help with my issues ?

    Would be much appreciated ….. thanks



    Hello Syahir,

    Don’t want you to waste your time …….. I have figured out why I could not get my style.css file to work …. If anyone is taking notes it’s because I had a space in the filename of the child theme (i.e. Graphene Child instead of GrapheneChild) …. turns out directory names don’t like spaces ……

    Still have issues with making the whole theme have a black background though ….. Particularly the bars right below the sidebar




    Hello Syahir,

    I have been going thru your support forum (which is a tremendous help by the way) and I’ve found some of the other websites that use your theme ….. in particular the ones you’ve already noted such as


    which is a dark background similar to what I’m using currently but cannot

    completely get my Graphene theme to look like yet …..

    I am questioning how to manipulate the sidebar specifically

    so that it looks like some of the examples noted …..

    more of a rectangle off in the corner by itself ……

    also with the options to change to Comments and Tags

    and Articles (much like the

    I am a newbie to CSS editing obviously ……

    thanks ….. any help would be appreciated


    Syahir Hakim


    Please post your support request in a new thread for each support item.

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