How to modify the theme using a child theme

  • meryl


    Anyone have a CSS that uses the child theme to switch from a right sidebar to a left one? Or do I just change the float from right to left? Didn’t see anything in the WP docs on this.



    This could be a simple question, but if I create a simple child theme such us


    Theme Name: Graphene Child

    Theme URI: http: //

    Description: Child theme for the Graphene theme

    Author: Your name here

    Author URI: http: //

    Template: graphene

    Version: 0.1.0


    @import url(“../graphene/style.css”);

    all the changes I’ve made are gone. Is there a way of avoiding this? And how do you back up the customized template?



    Child theme worked beautifully… except for one thing… my banner image and background image reverted to the default style and they’re not available from the theme editor. This being the case, it sounds like the best thing to do is update the original CSS instead of create a child.

    Just realized that whenever a new theme comes out, it will erase my modifications. Then how do I get the selected banner and background image to stay the same when using child?


    Syahir Hakim


    @Jorge: What do you mean by the changes you’ve made are gone? You need to make the changes in the child theme. For CSS changes, put the CSS codes in the child theme’s style.css after the @import url("../graphene/style.css"); line.

    @Leah: WordPress treats a child theme as a separate, different theme then the parent theme. So whenever you switch to a child theme, you would have to upload and set the custom header image and background image again.



    Thanks, Syahir. If you only put the changes in the child theme and it reflects the main one — why don’t the header and background carry over, too?


    Syahir Hakim


    The custom header and background are managed by WordPress and not the theme. The theme merely provides support for the functionality, so when WordPress detects that you have a different theme (child theme included), the custom header and background don’t automatically get assigned to the child theme.

    You’d have to upload and set the custom header and background for the child theme to get them to be applied for the child theme.



    I want to move the search box location from the top of the header to the main menu bar. I also want to remove the top bar where the RSS and search box is now.

    I have a child theme setup which is modifying some styles already…but just can’t figure out how to accomplish this item. I know where the code is located in the header.php file, but I am unsure of how to modify it safely.

    Can you help?



    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for the theme Syahir. It’s great for a beginner like me.

    I already changed few things. I also changed the color of the content of my post. But the tittles, the author name, the”see the post” & the”leave a comment” are still blue. I would like to change the color of all the texts. Anyone has a CSS i could use in a child theme that i would try to create?

    Thanks for your help.



    Hi everybody.

    First of all I just would like to say thank you for sharing your theme, which looks great.

    My only concern regards a little bit its flexibility, as often themes that are very stylish and refined are not so good in terms of maintainability and the possibility of extending them.

    I think child themes are a good way to extend wordpress themes in a fairly modular and maintainable way.

    However, being pretty a newbie in WordPress, I was wondering if I should stick to your theme or just create a new one by customizing one of the many minimal themes available.

    I succeeded in applying several modifications to yours, even though in some cases I had to devise some workarounds.

    For example, one thing that still is not clear to me is where and how you are formatting

    < ul > elements in your code. More specifically I wanted to create an unordered list in the central body without any visible bullet points. It looks like your code hides the standard bullet points and creates new light-blue square bullet points.

    I eventually managed to get what I wanted, but I am really curious to know if you’re are changing those properties programmatically (possibly in functions.php) or you are doing everything in one of your CSS files (which one?).

    I also noticed a possible bug as I turned one of my pages into a one-column page, that is without any sidebar. After applying that change through the admin panel, the footer moved to the left and in that one-column page it is not properly aligned with the remaining sections.I am not sure whether this has to do with my code or not, so you might want to check it out.

    I would really appreciate it if you could let me know something about where and how you create those custom bullet points for < ul > elements.

    Thanks a lot.



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Dafne,

    I didn’t use any programming to style those bullet points. They’re all purely CSS.

    What I did was:

    1. Disable the bullets

    2. Add padding to the left of each <li> element

    3. Add background image to each <li> element (this is where the blue square comes from)

    If you’d like to disable the bullet points, you’ll just have to remove the padding and the background for the <li> element.

    As for the footer being moved to the left, this is usually caused by a stray </div> closing the opening div too soon, i.e. the container which contained the footer is closed before the the footer is included. You might want to check your code for stray </div>.

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