How to modify the theme using a child theme

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    Yes, I know, I went back to using custom css.

    I read that link, though I don’t think I understand. Are the light color header bars check box supposed to fix things or was that just an example of how custom css is different from a child style?

    So if I put code into a child style.css after the @import, wouldn’t that overwrite prior code from the theme?


    Kenneth John Odle


    wouldn’t that overwrite prior code from the theme?

    It didn’t for me. That was the point of the codex page I linked to. Using the light header bars load another stylesheet, that overrides the child’s stylesheet. Turning off those light header bars prevents this.

    If you want to use the light header bars with your child theme, you can copy the relevant codes form the light style sheet to your child’s style sheet.



    Syahir Hakim

    So if I put code into a child style.css after the @import, wouldn’t that overwrite prior code from the theme?

    Yes, and that’s the whole point of the child theme, to allow you to override the theme’s codes without actually changing the theme’s codes.

    That said, there are several levels of priorities in CSS. Example: CSS property declaration that ended with !important is given higher priority than those without.

    Say that in the theme’s style.css, following property is declared:

    .someclass {
    width: 200px !important;

    And then you try to override it in your child theme’s CSS by doing something like this:

    #someid .someclass {
    width: 300px;

    Your child theme’s property declaration will be ignored, because it is of lesser priority compared to the first declaration.



    I’m sorry if this is a question with an obvious answer, but I can’t locate my wp-content/themes/ folder? Is this in my wordpress admin appearance/edit themes location? Or is this folder located with my host server?

    I am currently running Graphene 1.4.1 and I want to set up a child theme before I update to 1.5.2



    You need to use an ftp program. There are plenty of free ones… filezilla, coreftp, freeftp, etc.

    Then you need to create an ftp account through your host providers admin panel. There, you will receive a username and password to access your files through your ftp client.

    Then, open up your free ftp program, input your username, password, and ftp url )also given by your host).

    Click connect, and you should see the file structure of your website.



    I just updated to the latest version of the graphene theme and while the changes from my child theme are still active, my entire main post area has disappeared. (warning: adult content)



    Thanks, found the solution in another post! 😀

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