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  • Hi Prasanna

    I managed to figure something out based on your initial recommendation to install Widget Logic.

    After installing the plugin I created a text/HTML widget (containing the links to the YouTube videos required) to be placed in the right hand sidebar. I then set the widget to only display on a particular page.

    It does mean I have to create a widget for each page but now I have the template for the widget shouldn’t prove too much hassle :0)

    Hi Prasanna and thanks for the info

    I think that Widget Logic will allow me to hide things where I don’t want them to be seen but do you know any YouTube widgets that only display specific videos from my YouTube channel depending on the page you are viewing?

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    Have now fixed this. The answer was kind of in front of me all along but had been staring at it for too long :0)

    Uploaded the image in the correct dimensions for the slider and then rather than setting a featured image in the page/post I set the individual post slidebar setting to “Custom URL” and pasted in the link to the image … now works a treat!!!

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    I have just deactivated all plugins and this appears to have resolved the issue so will have to track down which one is causing it :0)

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    Hi Josh, thanks for your reply

    I have saved the image before as 695px and then uploaded as the featured image which didn’t work. I did do it again this morning just in case it was me but it still doesn’t fill the complete slider? I have left the 695px image in place at the moment in case anyone can use this to help me troubleshoot :0)

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