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    This is my first post so first off I would just like to say thanks to the creator. We have been looking at moving from Blogger to WordPress for some time but have never been able to find a suitable and customisable theme … until now!!!

    I am still learning WordPress and the theme to be honest and have managed to figure most of it out to get the site looking how I want but (and I know this has been asked a number of times in the forum) I can’t get the slider image (Featured Image from post) to fit exactly within the borders – it always tiles? I have tried some of the suggestion on this forum with no luck and am slowly losing the will to live :0)

    The site currently resides at so if someone would be kind enough to take a look I would be more than grateful.

    The container width is currently set to 960px with the left column being 695px and the right 225px. I have tried the default of 660, 675, 695, 705 and 715 to name a few!!!

    Any pointers would be really appreciated as it is the last major stumbling block before we can look to move over from Blogger!!!

    Thanks in advance




    Your images are 660px wide, but your slider area is 695px wide. Have you tried making your featured image 695px before uploading it as the featured image?



    Hi Josh, thanks for your reply

    I have saved the image before as 695px and then uploaded as the featured image which didn’t work. I did do it again this morning just in case it was me but it still doesn’t fill the complete slider? I have left the 695px image in place at the moment in case anyone can use this to help me troubleshoot :0)



    Have now fixed this. The answer was kind of in front of me all along but had been staring at it for too long :0)

    Uploaded the image in the correct dimensions for the slider and then rather than setting a featured image in the page/post I set the individual post slidebar setting to “Custom URL” and pasted in the link to the image … now works a treat!!!



    Thank you so much Roomike. I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix my slider image issue for over a week now and your strategy of just using an image defined from the Custom URL completely solved my problem.

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