Graphene Options crashes Google Chrome & IE

  • roomike


    Not sure if this is a Graphene, WordPress or hosting issue really but every time I try and access the “Display” tab in the Graphene Options my Google Chrome (tested with IE and same thing happens) crashes?

    It has been fine up until this morning. The only thing I have changed today is to upload a new image to try and resolve the slider image problem I have posted about!?!?

    I have tried deleting all history, disabling plugins, updating Google Chrome and the same thing happens. I have even logged on to a laptop in work on our seperate wireless to rule out firewall issues etc and the same thing happens!!!

    Gutted really as if this sort of thing is going to happen often I may have to give up on WordPress as it needs to be reliable – just when I have everything looking great as well :0(



    I have just deactivated all plugins and this appears to have resolved the issue so will have to track down which one is causing it :0)

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