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    I was thinking, hmm, if you provide me you’re E-mail, then I could give you log-in information to our website, then you could make a test.

    Would this be possible ?

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    Hi Syahir Hakim

    Thanks for your reply once again.

    I have optimized Graphene and Neo.

    Now, I have only style.css as render blocking files. In addition, a high speed loads.

    However, when the Neo Helper plugin is enabled, I have noticed, it affects the site load in Neo, and conflict with other plugins like gravity forms. (log-in is not possible for users )

    The solution for me is to disable Neo Helper plugin. I am not a developer, but I think the helper plugin call or disable functions in other plugins? Do you have any idea what it is ?

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    Hi Syahir

    Thank you for your answer.

    I think I will try Franz Josef then.

    1. Do you know a good tutorial (How to do offline) Install a new theme, and finish the theme and publish when finish.

    2. I do not know if it is a bug in Graphene Neo. However, gravity forms work fine in Graphene theme. But, the forms do not function very well in Neo. ?

    I have problems with login and logout in Neo, not as an admin, but if you are a contributor.

    I think the graphene helper plugin makes the conflicts.

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    Hi Syahir

    Thanks for your reply,


    I have a question off topic.

    I was thinking about upgrade to a responsive website.

    I have two options: A premium template about food.

    Alternatively, your new theme, Franz Josef.

    What do you suggest?


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    Hi Syahir

    Please look at this link:

    I have notice this problem on different phones running Android.

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    Thanks Syahir Hakim, nice to know that deactivate helper is OK

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    1. When you try to add a comment, you will get the wp-commnts-post.php if Neo Helper is activated (is activated now)

    2. Autoptimize is a optimize plugin, like w3 total cache.

    2A.(Conflict) I cannot deactivate Autoptimize plugin if Neo Helper is active, and w3 total keep saying: One or more plugins have been activated or deactivated, please empty the page cache. (maybe a jquery conflict?)

    3. What does Neo Helper do? It loads the backend admin panel, but what else? Does it have any other functions, like loading widgets or load Any Mobile Theme Switcher?

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    I fixed this by change the title back to the original permalink, and then rename the title again.

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    Thank you very much, once again! The option shortcode, worked for me.

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