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    Thank you for taking the time to try and help me fix all of my issues. I really appreciate your help. As you suggested, I am now using the graphene_footer widget instead of the graphene_developer widget. Now, instead of the widget appearing below the copyright widget, it appears directly beside it to the right. That is a step in the right direction. I would like for the footer widget to “mirror” the position of the copyright widget (i.e., appear hard right as opposed to hard left). Could you please show me what CSS to add to position the footer widget to the right?

    The website I’m working on is at

    Thank you in advance for continuing to help.

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    Thank you so much for your help. That worked perfectly. I am having the same issue with the developer widget. My developer widget is displaying directly beneath my Copyright widget, again, hard left. I would like this widget to display opposite the Copyright widget (i.e., hard right).
    I tried implementing the above CSS styling but replacing the “_header” with “_developer” but had no success. Could you please off a solution to this issue?

    Again, the link is

    Thank you so much for your time. I love the Graphene Theme.

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    Sorry, I didn’t include the link. It is here.

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    I would love to roll mine back to the previous version, but can’t find a way to do it. Would you explain how you did it? Thanks!

    When you told me that the CSS coding didn’t come up in the page source, I saved my CSS programming and booted that plugin out, found a new plug in that works so I’m using that. You have FIXED my issue!! Thanks for your time and assistance. .


    I have now fixed the #sthash.fTaRYOfP.dpbs issue for the site. It appeared that the Share It application that I was using was adding the erroneous characters to do some kind of measuring/tracking. The Share it application has now been deactivated, and from what I can tell, the page is now displaying properly, without the frames or framesets. So, there is one issue fixed. Thank you so much.

    In my Custom CSS area, I have this code:

    .page-id-2741 .entry {
    background: url("");
    background-repeat: no-repeat;

    I still can’t seem to get the image to show as the background.

    Thank you for taking the time to help me make this work.


    Thanks for your prompt response. I feel like you are guiding me in the right direction, but I think I must be missing something. I have now incorporated the code mentioned above into my custom CSS portion of the site like so:

    .page .entry {
    background: url ("");

    If I’m not mistaken, I think I need to somehow “Call” for this in the actual page code, but I’m not sure exactly how to do it. Would possibly surrounding the page coding with a div id tag do it? All that I have on the actual page now is just the coding for what appears on the page.

    Also I would like the background to only show on this individual page.

    Thanks again for your time.

    I figured this out.

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I have created both widgets and pages. Ideally, when I write a post, I would like an excerpt to show up in a widget on the home page, and the actual post to show up on a page I have created that corresponds with the widget. Does that make since?

    To break it down a little further. I have created a widget for each of the four towns in my area I have also created a page for each of those towns. I would like to I would like to do a post, and have the excerpt show in the widget and the post itself show up on the individual towns page.

    Thanks again for your help and your time.

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