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    Ok, so I have just tried to apply the above settings. It makes complete theoretical sense to me (or so I thought), so I assumed it would be an easy fix.

    I selected “Enable alternate front page sidebar widget area” from the Graphene General Options, and a single column layout from the Display Options.

    I went into the Widgets settings and placed my selected widgets into both of the Front Page Sidebar Widget Area boxes, and left the usual sidebar widget area boxes empty.

    Can’t seem to get it to work though.

    I can’t get a different column layout to appear on Home and posts. All I can achieve is a three column layout on both home page and posts with a different set of widgets on each.

    Any ideas?

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    Thanks Ken, will give that a shot.

    Yes, I changed it back to the original format as I didn’t want it left looking like the mess I made of it earlier. I still want to change to a 3 column layout, but won’t until I can figure something out for the slider (and any other display issues I come across).

    Thanks Ken,

    A few steps in the right direction, but still can’t quite get there.

    I’ve managed to get the slider content (but not the border), stretch across to the right but it is still aligned to the left of the content area, before the left sidebar.

    Also, the widgets in the right sidebar are on top of the slider when it is extended.

    I might try a slider plugin while I nut this out, but would prefer to use the Graphene slider.



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    Thanks so much!

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    p.s my site url is http://www.vividscribe.com

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    I’d also like to include a link in the footer area. I want to link to my sitemap in the area that Graphene sets for copyright info. I’ve got the text there, but how do I turn it into a link?

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    Thanks for the reply Syahir.

    I’ve completely changed the layout of my site since raising the question, so it doesn’t matter to me now.

    In any case, I was talking about the posts as they appear on the homepage. I did not want the title to link to anything at all.

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