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    In General settings the default is set to the first image in the post. However, some posts if I want to use a different image I will upload a featured image and then change the post settings to override the default.

    With this particular post, I originally set the featured image to one of the images in the post (not the first) and this caused the slider to display the featured image AND the puck image inline with the text. I had to override the default settings and include “NO IMAGE” because for some reason, the text is pulling the image (in the text area) which I have never seen before. So having the default settings results in two of the same image in the slider, or having the featured settings results in the featured image and the puck image…

    Thanks – I noticed that the <ul> code i referenced caused funkiness but I’m a newb and didn’t know how to edit after posting.

    OK so I see that in fact my contact page displays fine so long as I use a browser other than IE8.

    However, I am still troubled how the comment left by someone could break an entire post page. Do you see anything in the comment above from Lucky Jack Latte that would break the page? I had to delete the entire thing and then re-enter it removing all punctuation and the link just to be careful and now it’s fine…

    Just to update everyone, I was able to get hte sidebar to start working by DELETING the comment on the post. I am not sure if it was something in the comment but the content was: “Grrrreat review! I’m not so keen on traveling across the bridge these days, but wow! This sounds like a place Lucky Jack needs to visit! Woof woof

    CONTACT PAGE is still displaying funky though:

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