Category Image Excerpts and Slider Image Problems

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    First off, hello! I’m new here, and semi-new to WordPress. Beginner skills, so thank you for any help!


    I would like to have category pages that do not include thumbnail images in the excerpts. I found in the forum instructions to insert this custom CSS code:

    .wp-caption img {display:none;}

    This effectively removed the image thumbnails on the category page but ALSO removed the images from the slider.

    For now I have modified display settings so that the entire post is shown on the Category pages.

    Second and separate issue. I cannot figure out for the life of me why this one post: is displaying differently in the slider than the other posts set as “featured” (slider is configured only to display posts in featured category.

    For some reason this post ONLY is pulling the image into the excerpt. So, I changed settings on this post to NOT have an image in the slider so that there aren’t two pictures of a shuffleboard puck. If I could get the slider to not pull the image from the post I would use general settings which would use the featured image. Because I implemented this work around you see the title spans the whole slider JUST for this post and not for the other 4 featured slider posts.


    Kenneth John Odle


    If you look at this page with your browser’s “View Source” function and then search for the body tag, you’ll find that it has a class of archive attached to it. So you can target items on archive pages like this:

    .archive .child-page img {

    Second and separate issue.

    Yes, you really should put separate issues each in their own thread.

    In General Settings >> Slider Settings, what do you have set for “Slider Image”?

    On that post, under “Graphene post-specific options”, what did you have set for “Slider Image” (when you were getting the double images) and for featured image?



    In General settings the default is set to the first image in the post. However, some posts if I want to use a different image I will upload a featured image and then change the post settings to override the default.

    With this particular post, I originally set the featured image to one of the images in the post (not the first) and this caused the slider to display the featured image AND the puck image inline with the text. I had to override the default settings and include “NO IMAGE” because for some reason, the text is pulling the image (in the text area) which I have never seen before. So having the default settings results in two of the same image in the slider, or having the featured settings results in the featured image and the puck image…

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