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  • Guess what?!

    I achieved what I wanted to by doing this:

    .post {





    Seems to work on the front end! Is that good coding…will things be okay?

    that did leave comments and everything below it at full-width. But maybe I am okay with that.

    Some of them were remnants of old websites from a site I had for a couple of months on Blogger.

    And some of them are from URLs (post and pages) from my current website from times when I decided to change the slug/URL’s.

    And some of them I cannot explain….There are some that have been produced by WP Touch (mobile plugin) it seems.

    I would give you an example of a bad URL that seems to come from WP Touch, but I can’t find one at the moment because I deleted them.

    I have kept the plugin disabled for now and I am waiting to see if the redirects I had going get any new hits on Google Webmaster tools.


    Hello Syahir,

    Thanks for the tips on disabling plugins. I did the half/half thing you advised and found the conflict:

    Plugin: Redirection v 2.2.13

    I loved that plugin–it redirected all of my bad HTML to proper and live pages….I got the bad links from Google Webmaster tools and redirected them through this plugin.

    But I guess it is old. It has not been updated in 400 + days and it says it has only been tested up until WP v 3.4

    I wonder if there are any specific redirects that I am using that is causing this fetch problem?

    Or do you think it’s the plugin and I have to trash it?

    If so, any recommendations on a good redirection plugin?

    Many thanks.


    Good call.

    Disabling the plugins and trying the fetch again made it the fetch work fine….

    Argh… This sucks. What’s my next step. One by one?


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    Awesome. Thanks a lot Kenneth.

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    LOL I have never clicked that before because I feared it would untoggle every check box within the settings. Maybe different wording needed?


    Now I have use for it because I am always closing and opening them.

    Kenneth= You are sure, right?


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    Negative, I thought that was something to do with the theme. The only thing I can think about is a plugin i got very early on before the site was even public and while I learned a bunch of stuff. I installed a digital clock plugin and was going to put it on the header but i decided not to.

    I hope that helps. Thanks for the help Syahir!


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    Thank you Syahir. That solved it once I updated the child theme css with the theme’s css output.

    Strange why it only happened to three titles, or why at all…

    Thank you.


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    yea youre right.

    it is free for personal use but they charge something for commercial


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    ok. thanks.

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