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    Short Story Guy’s Current Event and Modern-Day Fiction uses the latest Graphene Theme out there with a child theme. It was the first theme I found that allowed me to customize it so much without knowing so much code at the beginning. I am so grateful for the theme. I have played around with it a lot, and for now I am pleased moving forward. I just need to be more consistent with content. 🙂

    The site features:

    -Current Event Fiction (news-inspired short stories)

    -Regular modern fiction

    -stories from guest writers

    -fiction reviews

    -related nonfiction about writing, news, creativity

    -the Short Story Guy Podcast

    Thank you Graphene!




    very nice love how you changed the post title text looks sweet, i like the contact & connect page how did you use a plugin for that or something you wrote?

    Good job!



    Hey there,


    By Post title text do you mean the font/size or the boxes I’ve added on some pages?

    As for the Contact page, the tabs are a plugin. Want to know which one? I can get the name.





    Yes im just looking into changing my post title text myself searching codes, pretty new to this wordpress editing so learning is about searching atm lol

    I think ive found it tho

    Yes please it looks very nice atm although disabled i have a seperate feedback contact and email contact it kinda makes sense the way you have it very nifty i might add

    Thanks Jose!



    do apologize miss read your post, no i ment the titles for example your last post “This Week’s Featured Fiction Author: Cyn Vargas” its a different font im trying to find out which fonts are available to use so i can change my title fonts



    No worries,

    I spent about 4 months reading link after link of stuff I knew nothing about, and I still consider myself a super beginner.

    The post title text etc I did with a plugin called Google Fonts and with child theme> a CSS style sheet where i specified sizes etc.

    No worries I actually did the same thing in the beginning and had a lot of pages one for each type of contact then i decided to do this.

    the plugin is called:

    WP UI – Tabs, accordions and more.

    i was originally looking for a widget with tabs but i didnt like the way the widget looked but so use it for what you saw in the contact page.





    Many thanks i shall look into this, again good job with site and thanks for heads up…its a long road!



    NP. For the fonts download the plugin:

    WP Google Fonts

    and you can use ANYYYYYYYYYYY google font out there and there are a lot. To check out what the google fonts look like, go to

    google and search Google web fonts

    and you can see different ones than you can go back to the plugin and choose the one u want for the headers etc

    Good luck


    BTW whats your website?




    Early stages yet jose and very basic with me just installing plugins and test driving things our season doesn’t start till late sept so plenty time to get a site up i hope is a site for the sports we play and somewhere to keep tables results etc since we have no such source here

    thanks again for the plugin name appreciate it



    one last thing jose, do you get spam mails from the contact form within that page ? i had a contact us tab and wow i got rid of it because of spam emails

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