How to shrink (and center) content-area width with one column template

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    My website is:

    I have a one-column lay-out by default. My container width is 1000px.

    I want my Single Posts to display a content area that is 685 px (or so) does not have to be exact. I know that it is better to work with percentages so that it works on different devices, so 70% will work too. And I want that area centered.

    While viewing a single post, such as this one, I want the header/navigation menus to stay at full 1000px width, but I want:

    -Content area at 70%/centered (including title, Graphene After Post Content hook, c Graphene Post Footer hook, and comments).

    And I want the footers to stay at 1000px like the container and header/nav menus.

    Is this possible? I have been trying different CSS but can’t make it happen. I want a one-column layout but I don’t want the reading experience to be so wide as it is now. It is not aesthetically pleasing or convenient for the reader.

    If it is not possible to have the after post content hooks or comments be 70%/centered, that is fine. My priority is the content area.

    I hope this makes sense. If anyone can lend suggestions I’d appreciate it!

    Thank you.




    Guess what?!

    I achieved what I wanted to by doing this:

    .post {





    Seems to work on the front end! Is that good coding…will things be okay?

    that did leave comments and everything below it at full-width. But maybe I am okay with that.

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