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    I checked my home computer settings and its 1900X1200. That’s the recommend setting and I really like it. (I forgot to check what my office computer settings are.)

    How do I figure out the best setting when all computers are different?

    If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. I am sooooo confused.

    THIS is a Snapshot of my Home Computer.. As you can see the content is wide with a nice border. It’s perfect:


    And THIS … with the same settings is what I see when I use a computer at my office (other than my personal one). It’s way too much border and you can see even some of the content is squished.


    PS. I have read previous posts, and know the #container in CSS can be changed. But can it be done so that the container is normal size for all computers? I checked my mom’s computer and her settings are 1360×768 so even with my site at 1305px container width, I was scrolling side to side on her computer.

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    Can anyone help with this? I am still completely stuck! I don’t want to keep getting errors on Google’s Webmaster Tools.

    Thank you!

    I am very confused, I was trying to figure out this last night and added in the coding (above) to the header in Advanced settings.

    Now, it seems like by doing that, all the pages except for the front page are fine.

    I tested on Richsnippet and the pages show my author name has been confirmed to use automatically. Perfect!

    The front page is having issues because it is set to “Your Latest Post” and while I have the code above in the header. The other “vcard” code is showing up before the posts in the source. So, it is overriding the code I have in the header.

    Basically, can I just override the author information that is in the loop.php and loop-single.php without touching the file?

    Hi! I am looking for help for the two following errors.

    Webmaster Tools (Google) shows that Author:Missing

    Googles’ Richsnippet has everything confirmed except the following:

    Automatically detected author name on webpage: Not Found

    How do I fix these? I went into the Graphene Options>Advanced> Custom Head Tags and put in the following (a code I found online).

    <span class="vcard author"><span class="fn">
    by <a href=""
    rel="author">My name</a>

    Would it work this way? I noticed when I checked the ‘front page’, the source showed the code I added at the top, but at the ‘post’ (on same page) the information shows as following:

    <p class="post-author author vcard">
    by <span class="fn nickname"><a href="" class="url" rel="author">My Name</a></span> </p>

    So basically, on the front page, the source shows two areas where the “vcard” is…

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!!

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    Thank you!!

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    Is anyone actually offering support? I asked three questions recently in need of support and nothing was answered.

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    Thank you!

    ANy help with the code I posted??

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    What do you mean child theme? I am still not clear on what child theme is..

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