vCard — Author's posts…. Can I connect to Google+?

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    Is there anyway to connect the vCard to my Google+ profile? Right now, the source of my website is showing the vCard as the following:

    <p class="post-author author vcard">
    by <span class="fn nickname"><a href="" class="url" rel="author">My Name</a></span>

    Shouldn’t the url be the Google+ account and not “; I want to use Google+ for author of my pages and posts because I set it up to show my image in Google next to the posts.

    IF this can be done, please let me know what I need to edit. I am not too good with coding, so I want to make sure I do the right thing.

    Thank you!!!!



    Can anyone help with this? I am still completely stuck! I don’t want to keep getting errors on Google’s Webmaster Tools.

    Thank you!



    If you have a single author blog, you can get the same done by adding this to Custom <head> tags under Graphene Advanced Options,

    <link rel="author" href=""/>

    Enter your Google Plus profile URL in href.

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