How can I add more text in the slider?!

  • irishgem


    Hi all — I am using an image and text in the slider area (“Most Recent Post” format).

    I read many threads on here about removing/hiding the “Continue Reading” button.

    I am happy that is gone, but when I type in text, it only goes half way and then adds the three dots (…) How can I make it so the text is the height of the image..

    Also, can I add more than one paragraph???

    Here is a sample (sorry this image is bigger than what it looks like on my site.)




    Is anyone actually offering support? I asked three questions recently in need of support and nothing was answered.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You need to increase the excerpt length. (An excerpt is what the slider displays.)

    This has been discussed many times in this forum. A quick search should turn up the information you require.

    Feel free to search both this forum and the Graphene documentation ( if we don’t come to your aid immediately. Everybody here has a full time job (or more) outside this free support forum. If you can’t find it here, you can often Google your issue (this is especially true in the case of error messages); just be sure to append “WordPress” to your search query. If it’s really urgent, you can always hire someone at, although that is a community of freelancers, and so you will definitely want references before hiring someone.



    Thank you!!



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