Problem with image alignment in the new update

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    I updated today, and I’m having an issue in my posts with the image alignment.

    I have the image aligned right in the post, but the second paragraph of text is going under the image, instead of staying aligned to the left, leaving a large gap of space to the left of the image. Any ideas on how to fix it?


    Syahir Hakim


    Try inserting the image before the first line of text in the WordPress editor.



    I did – you can see in the 2nd post down it looks normal, there’s actually a line break above the first line of text in the text editor, and the image is inserted in that space. But when I tried to do the same thing in another post, it didn’t work; instead all the text went below the image.

    I’ve changed the image alignment and changed it back, it didn’t matter whether it was left or right aligned, the same thing happened.




    I’m encountering the same issue as Kelly. With a lot of trys & retrys, I’ve returned the pages to something similar to their original layout but they are not identical (nor ideal). To a layman’s eye, something definitely changed with the image alignment in the new update.




    If you look at this post – – you can see that there are two images, one aligned right at the top, one aligned left further down, and the same problem exists with both.




    Perfect – Cheers. 🙂



    Hello Kellydb en Syahir, this is working for the moment. Does this fix comes in a future theme update?? as wel as the language nl_NL.po/mo for the dashboard see

    Regards Henk

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