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    Can you be more specific about the header size.
    Do you mean the vertical height of the 1st blue band, or do you mean the font size within? I would expect to see a logo graphic there but didn’t. Whether you make the header 1000px tall, by default I believe that HTML will ignore the space and collapse if not used by ‘something’.

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    The theme was version 2.7.6 and i upgraded to 2.8.4 but that did not solve the problem.

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    Turns out the #header had overflow: hidden

    Suggestion for premium template. Unsure if you are familiar with the avada theme, but your premium template needs to offer easier header configurations like wide or boxed and logo, menu, social icons or logo/menu no social, or logo/menu/phone, or logo/menu/search configurations, etc

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    Seems that CSS didn’t work too well. I ended up using the plugin mystickymenu, works great. wish this were a built in feature of graphene though

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    Hello. If graphene is full width, say 2,000 pixels, how do you suggest I keep the width of a product to 1,200 pixels?

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    I was able to find the setting in the customizer.js file
    I only wish I could answer the other open questions to help you out here.
    Otherwise, kudos for the awesome theme, I use it for hundreds of websites!

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    For others facing my problem:

    In my css class i added:

    width: 740px;
    background-size: cover;

    seems to solve my problem.

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    Using KJO’s suggestion from another post (i couldn’t find a link) i was able to resolve the issue with css. For the home page with an id of 6 it was:

    .page-id-6 #header { height: 300px !important; }


    Thank you both. Lakenjr was correct, i had graphene mobile running, not neo. The link to http://www.websitie.com/?am_force_theme_layout=mobile doesn’t show mobile on my iphone after switching to desktop but i’m ok with that.

    Thank you for your follow up; What i mean is that my home page is usually a 1 column layout. The layerslider (plugin) is in the page proper. In the body tag of the home page i want color outside the container (horizontal bands) so i stick a thin tall vertical jpg in body that repeats-x. Now on the inside pages i use the 2 column template but there is no slider anywhere so I want the header to be narrower (less tall in vertical height). In pixels, the home page has a 320 pixel band below the header, but the inside pages only need a 120 pixel band below the header (in either case the band stretches outside the container). TIA.

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