Switch to Desktop mode – How do i get my mobile device back to show Neo?

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    testing the mobile neo, i clicked the switch to desktop mode link at the bottom, and to get back to mobile neo there was no link, i had to reset my safari history.

    Suggestions? Is there a way to link back to the mobile theme?

    Also, any chance you can add a feature to show a unique home page for mobile, one where i could put my own phone optimized html



    I decided to put a “switch to desktop” link at the very bottom of all my desktop pages (see html below). Put the html in the footer of the desktop version ( use Graphene > appearance > footer options ).

    Alternatively use an action hook like graphene_developer and put the html in the dynamically added Graphene Developer widget (which is only displayed on the desktop version).

    <a href="http://papamayhem.com/?am_force_theme_layout=desktop">Switch to desktop version</a>

    I did this originally for testing purposes, then decided to leave it on my live website.




    Awesome, but not the question i asked, sorry.

    Is there a way to link back to the mobile theme?



    I did follow your suggest with this code in footer.php



    Mobile site in footer.php but it is not working; the mobile theme is a huge disappointment, real shame, but thanks for offering to help.



    Forgive me if I am asking a dumb question.

    Are you sure that you are running Graphene mobile neo – rather then Graphene or Graphene mobile?

    You need the Plugin Any Mobile Theme Switcher with its settings as below:

    Settings > Any Mobile Theme needs to show Graphene Mobile Neo for your various devices


    Kenneth John Odle



    I am pulling up the desktop version of your site just fine here:


    Although 70% of it is blank space at the bottom. It’s just a series of these:

    <div class="ls-lt-tile" style="width: 40px; height: 250px; overflow: hidden;">
    <div class="ls-nexttile" style="top: 0px; left: 0px; opacity: 1; transform: rotate(0deg) rotateX(0deg) rotateY(0deg) scale(1, 1);">
    <img src="" style="width: 706px; height: 245px; margin-left: 7px; margin-top: -269.5px;">

    When I click here:


    it just pulls up your desktop site again, but without all the extra space at the bottom. What should your mobile site look like?



    Thank you both. Lakenjr was correct, i had graphene mobile running, not neo. The link to http://www.websitie.com/?am_force_theme_layout=mobile doesn’t show mobile on my iphone after switching to desktop but i’m ok with that.

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