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    I think I worked it out. I mean, not really… wanted to change the colour of the main menue points from black to white. Did that in the appearance, saved it and my site didn’t change. I tried it a couple of times, deleted the colour, put it back in and saved it.

    Now I just did that again and it worked. 🙂 My case would be resolved.

    Thank you.

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    Hey Syahir,

    I seem to have the same problems. I change colours and save them but nothing changes in my blog. Do you already know when the update will come? Thank you that you always help that fast.

    Cheers, Lisa

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    Perfect – thanks so much for your quick response. 🙂

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    Awesome. Thanks a lot.

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    Hi Syahir,

    was trying with the WPML Media plugin but couldn’t really work out how to do it.

    Is there any step by step description on how to have an image appear in 2 language versions in a gallery with that plugin?


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    Thanks a lot. Got it. 🙂

    I’m showing ad-images with ALEWB Image-Plugin in the sidebar of my blog. There’re in German as well since I created the images with photoshop like that so the String Translation can’t find it. Any idea of another plugin i could use so I could upload those pictures in English as well?

    Cheers, Lisa

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