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  • Thank you so much for the feedback everyone!!! I just found your comments…the email notifications had gone to my SPAM box.

    I like the idea of changing the home page widgets to link a “read more” rather than clicking the entire paragraph.

    Yes, the footer widgets are awesome!!! I love them!

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    I like it! A friend made a suggestion to me that seemed to ‘feel’ better once I implemented it; Her critique was my differences in length between the sidebar and the page content. I saw that you had a few pages where the content was short, but the sidebar keeps going and going and going…I fixed it by writing a bit more and cutting out a few widgets and it makes things flow a bit better, in my opinion anyways.

    Thanks for sharing,

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    it was the widgets…I’m a total spaz! sorry!!

    Wish I could delete this entire thread…



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    the problem appears to be in my widgets…I think?

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