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    Okay, so I know that I should do the Child theme thing…I just havent had the time to learn how… but, my site was up and awesome until I updated to the new 3.1 this morning.

    Now any page with a sidebar is not visible? I’ve tried adjusting the width in the Graphene Options but no luck.

    the update also adjusted my footer, so i had deleted some css in the editor… not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    I’m a total beginner but just sent out the link to my page to a bunch of potential customers…I’m in hot water if it’s not back up soon! 🙂

    THANKS in advance,




    the problem appears to be in my widgets…I think?



    it was the widgets…I’m a total spaz! sorry!!

    Wish I could delete this entire thread…



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