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    I like it! A friend made a suggestion to me that seemed to ‘feel’ better once I implemented it; Her critique was my differences in length between the sidebar and the page content. I saw that you had a few pages where the content was short, but the sidebar keeps going and going and going…I fixed it by writing a bit more and cutting out a few widgets and it makes things flow a bit better, in my opinion anyways.

    Thanks for sharing,



    Yes, good idea thanks for sharing that. I know I need to pad out a few of the pages with more content so that’s what I will work on.



    I don’t think the default blue in the theme works very well ( as with many other sites . Titles or widget headers might be better as a closer compliment or contrast.




    Hi Sdheath,

    I like your share bar. Could you share how to add it? Many thanks!



    Hi TCK – I tend to agree with you, but I’m not very good at changing colours and getting them to look right, hence why I left them as they are! Maybe I’ll have a go and see if I can improve that.

    Hi Ellansan – I use ShareThis ( to get the sharing buttons, both at the bottom of the pages and also the floating bar on the right. For the pages I just insert the code in an action hook ‘after page content’. Hope this helps.

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