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    He’s asking about a browser favicon.ico, not a gravatar. They are two very different things.

    The favicon has nothing to do with this template; it’s a WordPress-assigned variable.

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    Ah, that explains it. I was using custom images in the last theme, and haven’t got to this with the new theme.

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    Understood. It’s odd that this method worked perfectly on the 1.1.4 theme, when it probably shouldn’t have.

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    What I mean is that I copied the style.css file to the graphene-child directory, and it was identical to the original version 1.2 file except for theme references to graphene. This is how you explain to make a basic child theme, however in doing so the RSS button image disappears.

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    I understood your message perfectly, Adriana, and thank you for sharing the details of your findings with us. Syahir Hakim has done a wonderful job with Graphene, but I believe 1.2 should have remained in beta until these obvious issues were corrected. I know that Syahir has other obligations, but it’s better to fix this theme now before too many people update (without a backup) and lose their progress. I suspect we will begin to see many more problems reported here in the next week.

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    If you made a backup of your files prior to upgrade, you could delete the current graphene directory and restore the old one. If you didn’t make a backup, well, then, it’s time for you to hire a webmaster.

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    Nobody else has this issue with child themes on 1.2?

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    Hello Adriana:

    You have a wonderful website, and I think you should remain on 1.1.4 so you don’t lose your work.

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    It could just be me, but it looks like the RSS button image has disappeared with 1.2.

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    Version 1.2

    * Changed hooks:

    – graphene_before_rightsidebar -> graphene_before_sidebar1

    – graphene_after_rightsidebar -> graphene_after_sidebar1

    * Fixed home page showing excerpt when displaying posts by categories

    * Optimised comments styling

    * Optimised posts styling

    * Added styling content text not wrapped in <p> elements

    * Added styling for sticky posts

    * Hooked the Google Analytics code to wp_head() instead of printing it directly

    * Migrated the theme’s options to use the WordPress Settings API

    * Added title for archive and search results pages

    * Added configurable columns layouts, now includes three-column layout

    * Added page template for each of the layout options

    * Added option to display the date as inline text in the post’s parameter

    * Added two- and three-column page templates

    * Increased container width to 960px for wider content area

    * Added option to customise browser bar site title structure

    * Added a widget area in the header

    * Added option to display slider content in different style – thumbnail and excerpt, background image and excerpt, and full post

    * Fixed the home page posts listing showing excerpts when showing posts by categories

    * Fixed the slider and pagination not working when showing posts by categories

    * Custom menu styling now affects custom menu in the navigation bar only, and not anywhere else

    * Added child page listing for pages with children

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