1.1.4–>1.2 Child/Column mode bug

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    Installed 1.1.4 last week for the first time, and created a child theme with custom color CSS. Today (2/22) I updated to 1.2 final via WordPress. My layout was previously using two columns with sidebar right (Column Options > Column mode), but the update has made the layout move to sidebar left… sort of. If I activate Graphene 1.2 (deactivate Graphene-Child), all is well. Essentially, the update ruins style.css in the 1.1.4 child theme.

    Perhaps this is an expected reaction; I don’t know this theme’s development well enough to comment.

    Das Capitolin


    After peeking at the CSS files of 1.2, it appears that this is indeed an expected reaction. Too bad for 1.1.4 users with custom CSS!

    Das Capitolin



    Version 1.2

    * Changed hooks:

    – graphene_before_rightsidebar -> graphene_before_sidebar1

    – graphene_after_rightsidebar -> graphene_after_sidebar1

    * Fixed home page showing excerpt when displaying posts by categories

    * Optimised comments styling

    * Optimised posts styling

    * Added styling content text not wrapped in <p> elements

    * Added styling for sticky posts

    * Hooked the Google Analytics code to wp_head() instead of printing it directly

    * Migrated the theme’s options to use the WordPress Settings API

    * Added title for archive and search results pages

    * Added configurable columns layouts, now includes three-column layout

    * Added page template for each of the layout options

    * Added option to display the date as inline text in the post’s parameter

    * Added two- and three-column page templates

    * Increased container width to 960px for wider content area

    * Added option to customise browser bar site title structure

    * Added a widget area in the header

    * Added option to display slider content in different style – thumbnail and excerpt, background image and excerpt, and full post

    * Fixed the home page posts listing showing excerpts when showing posts by categories

    * Fixed the slider and pagination not working when showing posts by categories

    * Custom menu styling now affects custom menu in the navigation bar only, and not anywhere else

    * Added child page listing for pages with children

    Das Capitolin


    It could just be me, but it looks like the RSS button image has disappeared with 1.2.


    Syahir Hakim


    No it doesn’t. It’s still there.




    I use a child theme of Graphene with REAL changes. All of CSS was rewritten (not just colors, but location and behavior of almost all elements) as well as some other files as loop, header and footer with minor amendments.

    I made my changes using a child just to avoid losing the improvements in graphene that fit like a glove to be the basic theme of my site.

    Do not know if my English is real weak and I interpreted wrong, but the story of Das Capitolina kind of scared me. What kind of changes should I expect when I install 1.2? My CSS and PHPs modified will continue to be respected?

    If you can take a look at my site (http://www.rederpg.com.br/wp) to have an idea of the size of the changes and could guide me, I really thank you. Because despite the changes have been great, I do not dominate the codes of any kind, having all been made in basic research (How I do that effect? Search, try, implement) and trial and error …

    Sorry about my pour english and I appreciate any kind of help! 🙂

    Das Capitolin


    Hello Adriana:

    You have a wonderful website, and I think you should remain on 1.1.4 so you don’t lose your work.



    Tks Das Capityolin,

    I really want do the upgrade, but right now, I think is better to play safe and do nothing!

    I will try to see if anyone of my team wants to reproduce our site elsewhere and made a test and see if is possible to do the upgrade. Until that, I will stay in 1.1.4!

    Tks again.

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