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    I can also be a tester, I run some sites as test sites on one server where I try out things before I update the production servers.

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    I’m using a child theme but havenät been able to come up for a solution to reform the theme to accomplish what my friend has requested but I’ll give it a try. Hopefully I learn something on the way.

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    I did it with some item just using colorize in my paint program. See

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    Thanx for a quick answer, well defining my own images will be the same edit effort in the style.css. I like the concept of sprite-image so I guess I’ll stick to that for now on my friends site (

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    Is there a way to point out another place for the sprite_master.png so I can have it in my child theme or do I have to select all the lines in the stylesheet that contains the sprite_master.png (or just the ones where I have made changes) and put it in my own style.css?

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