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  • BeatriceK


    Is it possible to not show the posts in the slider in the blog below? I would like to get rid of double postings on the first page. Is there a way to say that posts in the category X that I use for the slider shall not be displayed below? I know that the slider use excerpt for the content but is there a way to get the slider to only show the featured image instead? My friend who i built the site for is photographer and asked me if it could be use for showing of images instead.


    Syahir Hakim


    Nope, the theme do not support what you’d like to accomplish. However, you can modify the theme using a child theme to implement the features you mentioned.



    Another slider question: Rather than showing the most recent posts, is it possible to have it show random posts?



    I’m using a child theme but havenät been able to come up for a solution to reform the theme to accomplish what my friend has requested but I’ll give it a try. Hopefully I learn something on the way.



    Hi Syahir ~ Is it possible to have the slider posts randomized withing the category/categories selected? That’d add some nice variation for returning readers. Thanks.



    Back to Beatrice’s original question: I made this work using the Graphene Options page. I assigned one category to the slider (for example, “slider”) and then a different one for what I want to show up on the front page below the slider (for example, “front page posts”). I don’t show categories in my posts but, if you do, you’d just have to choose your category names more carefully.




    I’m trying to put the slider in a hallway, but do not get it, how I can do it?

    I know all the features are in functions.php but I tried to do by copying code and all are wrong.

    Thank you very much for your time, the theme is very good.

    My English is very bad if I misunderstood it because I’m using Google Translate


    Kenneth John Odle



    “Hallway” didn’t translate to something that made sense. Did you mean that you want to install the slider in a “widget”?



    I hope I can explain it.

    I would like to use the slider in any individual post.

    That is, the slider will always see.

    In post, in pages, in categories …

    How do I do?

    I hope I explained well, thank you very much for your time.

    I’m sorry my pathetic English


    Syahir Hakim


    It seems like you’re using an older version of the theme. Newer versions will make it easier to achieve what you want, though it still involves creating a child theme.

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